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OstiGen®: Bone Health Program

OstiGen® bone health program is intended to help healthcare professionals address the looming national problem of osteoporosis. This is a branded program delivered by USFP based on its intellectual properties and research database. This USFP program is centered around OstiGen ä bone care products and OstiGen bone care practice protocols to facilitate you as a physician to intervene in the progress of osteoporosis and help your patients reduce risk of fractures.

OstiGen bone health program can add value to your practice by:

•  Provide valid science and technology

•  Provide focused operational guidelines

•  Help you provide better patient service

•  Help you achieve financial success for your practice.

As a healthcare professional, you can make an impact on the osteoporosis situation. As an advisor and caregiver, you will take an active role in screening, testing and identifying your patient's risk of osteoporosis, advising and taking actions to reduce their risk of fractures.

With the help of USFP, you will be able to provide the latest bone health information, offer the bone testing procedures and treatment to your patients. The tools we provide you will make patient care easy, time saving, cost effective, and non-invasive.

•  Healthcare Professional Partner Program

You can benefit from USFP's experience and research, and intellectual property. The company will provide detailed guideline for operating a profitable osteoporosis care center.

•  In-depth review of the product

•  Product sheets

•  Patient booklets

•  Information to help you with medical reimbursements

•  OstiGen Bone Health products

OstiGen products are low calorie, lactose-free, biotechnology-derived product from an organic source that can help patients build and maintain their bones.

•  USFP Preferred Purchaser Programs

  • Bone density testing equipment
  • Bone activity testing kits
  • Products

Benefits Of Becoming an OstiGen® Program Partner

The OstiGen program is designed to support your entry into the leading edge osteoporosis detection and prevention field. It is designed to help you establish an osteoporosis care center and provide you with a range of benefits for your patients.

The OstiGen program offers a comprehensive benefit to the patient.

The patient will benefit from:

  • Early detection of osteopenia and osteoporosis.
  • Early prevention/ treatment programs.
  • Personalized OstiGen program including periodic bone density testing, bone health advising, osteroposis prevention/treatment regime and follow-up care.

The healthcare professional may:

•  Make an impact on identifying and treating the growing number of  osteopenia and osteoporosis patients.

•  Include proactive osteoporosis prevention techniques in your practice.

For further information, please contact your USFP representative today by calling 1.866.ostigen (1-866-678-4436) and/or send your request online.

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