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OstiGen®: Exciting Scientific Breakthrough

OstiGen® is a dramatic advancement in the science of healthy bone formation. OstiGen is an advanced biopharmaceutical formulation designed by USFP to help reduce the risk of osteoporosis and restore bone mass. This organic compound contains high-quality nutrients in a USFP patented protein-calcium-mineral (PCM) complex. It is different from other products and prescription drugs on the market by providing multiple benefits simultaneously. These benefits help to build healthy bone by:

  • Returning osteoblast and osteoclast activity to healthy normal levels.
  • Reducing the amount of collagen in urine ( an indicator of bone loss ).
  • Providing the body multiple nutrient simultaneously to avoid nutrient "theft" from other body activities.

    Ostigen may be used as part of a preventive care program, including healthy lifestyle choices that include weight-bearing exercise and healthy diet. When advised by a physician, OstiGen can be used as part of a therapeutic program in conjunction with prescription drugs in osteoporosis treatment as a high quality mineral source to help build quality bones with the desired microarchitecture.

  • Early Prevention

    Taking an all natural bone health supplement such as OstiGen on a regular basis can significantly increase total body and spinal bone density and help build peak bone mass, therefore reduce the risk of low bone mass and osteoporosis later in life.

    Bone Maturity

    During the bone maturity stage (between 30 years old to menopause for women and around 50 year old for men), bone mass remains steady with ossification (bone building) nearly equal to the rate of deossification (bone destruction). OstiGen supplements your dietary intake of calcium and provides you with the nutrients for healthy bone development.

    Later Life

    OstiGen may be used to assist the regulation of bone tissue replacement and maintaining healthy bone quality in helping osteoporosis prevention. Healthy peri-/post- menopausal women with osteopenia may benefit from using OstiGen . OstiGen's nutrient profile is ideal for helping to slow bone loss and/or help rebuild the bone density while maintaining healthy levels of blood calcium. For people on prescription osteoporosis therapies, speak to your physician about using OstiGen to help maintain healthy blood calcium levels as needed.

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